Karen Osburn recently received the Entertainer of the Year Award from the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame (CCMHOF) for her outstanding music artistry for the year. Entertainer of the Year is the highest award given by the CCMHOF. She has regular shows at Lupita's restaurant and the Rendezvous restaurant in Aurora. She also performs many nonscheduled shows every month.

Ms Osburn recently placed in the top 40 of a nation wide radio promotion program sponsored by Jerome Promotions in Georgia. This promotion is sponsored by over 100 radio stations across the US and the rankings are based on the top 200 spins of all songs played by each station.

The Friday Morning Quarter Back (FMQB) Radio is the administrator of the program and publishes the results of the records played every week. As of September 6, 2017, Karen's "A Man I Love" song that she wrote, published and recorded, placed 32 in the top 200 competition and the "Until We Meet Again" song that she recorded placed 40.

The competition includes songs recorded, sung and played by all music artists including star artists like Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert as well as any other recording artist.

Ms Osburn has been a music artist her entire life and is part of a family of music artists. She regularly entertains with her two brothers playing drums and singing classic rock songs.

Karen has many genres in her repertoire including all genres of country music, classic rock, big band and classic songs starting in the 1940s. She has hundreds of songs that she can sing. She has gotten major awards for her music throughout her career.

Karen is an outstanding songwriter, producer and singer. You can hear and purchase her music on her website at Her music is also available on many other websites including CDBaby and all their distributors. Karen is working very hard with her music and hopes to soon have a hit song.