Karen Osburn

Karen Osburn is a talented singer, band leader and songwriter in the Denver area.  Her voice is beautiful and stunning with echoes of Anne Murray and Patsy Cline.  Karen has written numerous songs, recording five CDs, including one in Nashville.  She plays multiple instruments including lead guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and drums.  

Her band members are first class.  They play several kinds of music including old and new country, jazz, bluegrass and older classic and pop songs from the 40s through 90s as well as classic rock. The band's shows also includes songs written by Karen as well as several favorites from many different genres and Karen's favorite artists like Patsy Cline.

Karen comes from a musical family.  Her father Jerry was a songwriter and great artist.  He had his own TV show "The Riders Of The Rockies"that aired in the 1950's both locally and nationally on Denver's  Own Channel Two.  Karen has a large immediate family including eight children and twenty two grandchildren. She and her band entertain a few times a month around the Denver Metro area.  

Karen and her band perform every Thursday night at Lupitas Restaurant near Colfax and Peoria Streets in Aurora.  The third Friday of the month, Karen and her band perform at the Rendezvous Restaurant at Heather Gardens Retirement Community at 2888 S. Heather Gardens Way in Aurora.  

At these venues, Karen and her band display an amazing connection with the audience, attracting faithful fans of their music.  Karen also plays at several other venues in the Denver area.  To book Karen for an event, you can reach her at 303-717-8358. 

Ms. Osburn's CDs have a variety of music and the majority are original songs written, produced and recorded by Karen.  Ms. Osburn has plans to give her music more exposure nationally.  Karen has made three of her CDs available on "CD Baby". 

She is also available to play in the Denver area and nationally to showcase her music and band.  Karen has recently joined Jerome Promotions and they are promoting her music nationally on approximately 100 commercial and non commercial radio stations through the United States.  To see more about the Jerome Promotion for Karen, go to the PROMOTION section of this website.

Karen is a member of the "Colorado Country Music Hall Of Fame".  In 2012, she was elected "The Queen Of Country Music" by the "Colorado Country Music Hall Of Fame" for the State Of Colorado. Karen also won the "Song Of The Year" award for her Christmas  song "Grandma's House".  The award was also from the "Colorado Country Music Hall Of Fame".  

The award is given every year for the best written song submitted from songwriters throughout Colorado.  At the same time, Karen's "Grandmas House" won the award for the Best Songwriter of the Year by the Buster Doss Association in Nashville, TN. 

Ms. Osburn has also performed on five Department of Defense World Tours in hospitable places like Australia, Germany, Japan and some exotic places like Thule, Greenland plus Marcus and Okinawa Islands.

Karen Osburn’s “Music for All Seasons” Album

Karen Osburn’s new “Music for All Seasons” album includes two incredible CDs entitled “Love Songs” and “Christmas Songs”. These new CDs give old and new country music fans alike an outstanding opportunity to enjoy material written by an award-winning recording artist. The “Music of All Seasons” album represents the peak of Karen Osburn’s singing, songwriting, production, and recording career. Best of all, almost every song on these two CDs is a new creation.  

Karen's “Christmas Songs” CD showcases nine new songs designed to brighten your holidays. Karen’s songs may shed new light or bring more enjoyment than the traditional songs that have been around for years and even decades.

One or more of these selections should become a standard country Christmas song in the years to come. In particular, "Grandma's House" won Karen two awards for "Songwriter of the Year", one awarded by the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006 and the second awarded by the Buster Doss Association, Nashville, Tennessee, also for Song of the Year in 2006.

Whether it is shopping for presents, decorating our tree, watching it snow, dancing to her Christmas music, or visiting "Grandma's House", Karen's Christmas Album offers new seasonal music for everyone to enjoy.

The “Love Songs” CD includes several songs representing personal and friends’ encounters which gave Karen her inspiration. She has an exceptional ability to take those fragments and ideas and develop them into a dreamy but meaningful love story through her lyrics and melodies.

One such experience blossomed into the beautiful “A Man I Love”. Karen’s memories also helped her to compose the Christmas CD, with the annual visits to her "Grandma's House" when she was a little girl, inspiring a country classic Christmas story turned into song.  

The “Love Song” CD, along with the “Christmas Songs”, gives everyone a grand opportunity to enjoy the Christmas season and experience the highs and lows of being in love at the same time.

The “Love Songs” CD not only includes romantic love songs, like the “A Man I Love”, but also includes songs describing the pain and loneliness of falling out of love, as in “Forgive and Forget” and “I Need Your Romance”. Both types of songs should appeal to music lovers across the spectrum.

To learn more about Karen's music, listen to samples of her songs and buy her music, go to the AUDIO section of this website.

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